Sustainability & Transformation

The Enterprise Europe Network Hessen supports small and medium-sized enterprises in their sustainable transformation. We help you to achieve your ecological, economic and social goals and to prepare your business for the future.

With our free sustainability check, we support you in the development of a more sustainable business model. Based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and company-related factors, we can identify the status quo of your business activities in a joint workshop based on the criteria:

  • Economic sustainability
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Social sustainability
  • Management  

On this basis, we will provide an assessment of the current state of your activities and propose a concrete action plan, which you can use as an impetus for your further sustainable transformation.

Why should companies deal with sustainability?

By aligning your business activities with sustainability criteria, you set the course for your long-term success. Not only do you take responsibility for a world worth living in, but ­also increase your competitiveness.

For example, your company benefits from:

  • cost savings in energy and resources
  • building a resilient supply chain
  • strengthening customer loyalty and unlocking new customer groups
  • improved access to public funding and private funding
  • a higher attractiveness of your company for professionals
  • the development of new business models  
  • better adaptability to new regulatory requirements

Who can participate?

The sustainability check is open to all small and medium-sized enterprises from Hesse.

The service is free of charge. All information will be treated confidentially.